About Aria

Aria Ballroom is the realization of a dream.

The founders of Aria Ballroom share a passion for ballroom dancing. While it is our desire to share this common passion with the community and the world, it is our diverse backgrounds that make Aria Ballroom unique.

Aria Ballroom strives to provide the highest quality instruction in ballroom dance. Whether your goal is to become an accomplished social dancer or to compete at the highest levels, our friendly and knowledgeable teachers are dedicating to helping you to achieve your dance dreams. Aria Ballroom hosts an open, fun, and supportive environment for dancers of any age and level. Join us, and discover just how much fun dancing can be. 

The Founders

Simeon Stoynov & Kora Stoynova

Simeon was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and moved to the United States when he was nine years old. When he was thirteen, his family moved to Vancouver, B.C., and it was there that Simeon discovered his love for ballroom dancing. Three years later, he and his family returned to the U.S., settling at last in Bellevue, Washington, where he met Kora.

Kora is a Seattle native. She started dancing at the age of five, and by age thirteen, she knew ballroom dancing would be her career. She met Simeon when he moved to Bellevue the very next year, and was delighted to find someone who shared the same passion and discipline.

Success followed their partnership immediately. Within a year and a half, Simeon and Kora won the Pacific Northwest Regional Championships, and continued to reign as Regional Champions for the next ten consecutive years. In 2002, they became the Youth National Standard Champions. As Amateurs, there were National Finalists more than seven times, and were regularly among the top placing North American couples at the world’s most prestigious competitions. As professionals, they are the current Bulgarian Professional National Champions and are ranked ninth in the world in the Classical Showdance division. They have received invitations to dance in various countries around the world, including, China, Japan, South Korea, Bulgaria, and Taiwan, as well as the Chilean version of “Dancing With the Stars” in Santiago, Chile.

Jeffrey Chen

Jeffery Chen was born in Minnesota as the eldest of two not long after his parents emigrated from Taiwan. When he was eight years old, his family moved to Redmond, Washington. Throughout his youth, he received training in classical piano and played trumpet in his high school band. Jeff's eclectic career has led him through a diverse series of jobs, first as a pharmacist, then as an IT systems administrator for a water company, and finally, as the community manager for a dotcom startup in San Francisco. But Jeff has always had a flair for the arts, and his series of conventional jobs left him unsatisfied.

It is no surprise that Jeff's love of music and need for more artistic stimulation ultimately led him to ballroom dancing. He began dancing five years ago, and has been training competitively for some time now. Having explored much of what the dance world has to offer, Jeff decided that he wanted to throw his energies into running a dance school. His dream is to create the perfect studio.

Rainier Dance, LLC

Rainier Dance invests in the dance industry, and provides management and technology consulting to dance businesses.