Group Classes

Aria Ballroom offers a variety of classes for every age and skill level. Some classes focus on steps, while others focus more on technique and improvement. Group classes can be a great place to begin and experiment with different dance styles. It is also a cost effective way to learn many dances. Partners are not necessary, since we frequently rotate throughout the class.

Check out group classes currently offered, with detailed class descriptions, and options to narrow down your choices by dance styles, levels or day of the week.

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Aria Ballroom offers two types of group classes:

Series group classes are designed to build on skills week after week, usually with a routine for each series. Each series is 4 weeks long, with one 45 minute class per week. It is highly recommended that you join a series classes at the beginning.

Drop-in classes focus on different dances and do not need to be taken in any particular order.

Group Class Pricing:
Both the series and drop-in group classes are sold as individual classes. This is done to give you the most flexibility both in scheduling and sampling. It allows you to come in when you can and to try new things without committing to a whole month. Packages of classes are tracked electronically and never expire. You won't have to worry about keeping tabs on or losing a punch card. As noted above, we highly recommend that students who plan on participating in the series classes start at the beginning of the month and maintain regular attendance to avoid falling behind or slowing down the rest of the class.
  • $12 per class
  • $80 for a set of 10 classes
Group Class Levels:

This is the starting point for all ballroom dancers. It is where you sort out both of your left feet and gain a basic understanding of the movement and feel for partnership dancing. The classes will focus on the most basic figures and concepts to get you started. At the end of this level, students will be able to dance the basic steps of the dance which will provide a good springboard into our level 1 classes. There is no prerequisite for this level.

Level 1
At this level, students will be introduced to many of the basic figures and concepts in the dance. They will be exposed in greater detail to the characteristics of the dance and what makes it different from the rest. Upon completion, students will have basic knowledge of the dance in question. As this will be the foundation of your dancing, we encourage students to repeat Level 1 before moving on to Level 2. There is no prerequisite for this level though completion of the beginner level is highly recommended.

Level 2
This is the intermediate level of classes. It builds on the skills and figures learned in the level 1 class, adding not only new figures but a new layer of technique. Class speed will be faster, with intermediate level combinations. By the end of this level, students will have a firm grasp of the concepts set forth in level 1 and will be able to apply the new techniques learned to all their current figures. Completion of the level 1 class (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite for this level.

Level 3
This is the advanced level of classes. It will build on the figures and techniques acquired from the previous two levels. A good understanding of the figures in both prior levels is highly recommended before registering for level 3 classes as they will be frequently referenced and used. Near the end of this level, students will be proficient at the dance with a good working knowledge not only of the figures, but also of the technique. Completion of level 1 and 2 classes (or their equivalent) is a prerequisite for this level.

Please see our class calendar for details regarding the current classes offered. Sign up online to reserve your spot. For more information about the different dances or styles of dance please visit our Dance Styles page. If you have any questions about our classes, please don't hesitate to contact us.