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Eva Tibenska

Originally from Kosice, Slovakia, Eva Tibenska started dancing when she was very young. Her neighbor, who was also a friend of her mother, happened to be a dance teacher, so Eva was enrolled in dance classes almost right away.

She danced for many years as a hobby before trying out with her current partner, Lukas, at the age of 15. Success followed their partnership immediately, as they placed 3rd in the Youth National Championships in Slovakia and won the Youth 10-Dance Championships after only 4 months of dancing together. As success followed success, she gradually came to realize that this was something she wanted to make into a career.

Very soon they won the Adult Amateur 10-Dance National Championships and went on to represent Slovakia at the World Championships. Some of their achievements include:

Slovakian Amateur 10-Dance Champion
Slovakian Professional 10-Dance Champion
Slovakian Professional Standard Champion
                                                                                                              European Professional Semi-Finalist
                                                                                                              World Professional 10-Dance Finalist
                                                                                                              Finalist at the prestigious German Open Championships
                                                                                                              World Cup Professional 10-Dance Silver Medallist

Eva had taught a few private lessons early on, but in 2015 she began to teach seriously and found that it was a profession she very much enjoyed. She loves working with all kinds of people, from the youngest children to those who happened to find dancing only later in life. Whether her students are social dancers or the most serious of competitors, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with them and nurturing in them a passion for the art and sport that has given her a wonderful and successful career.

If you would like to work with Eva, you can get a hold of her by emailing her at: