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Kora Stoynova

Aria Ballroom Principle

Kora started dancing at the age of five. Throughout her childhood, she competed with a number of partners and finally found her perfect match in her current partner, Simeon. Together they have been invited to perform in countries all around the world, including Seoul, South Korea; Shanghai, China; Santiago, Chile; Moscow, Russia; Blackpool, England; and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Her competitive credentials with Simeon include:
2-Time World Finalist
European Championship Finalist
Bulgarian Professional Standard National Champion
Bulgarian Professional 10-Dance National Champion
7-Time USA National Finalist
11-Time NorthWest Regional Champion
United States Youth National Standard Champion

Kora has coached Junior and Youth competitors to Regional and National titles. She is sought after for her knowledge of International Standard and Latin, as well as her choreographic abilities. She has written numerous articles on various subjects in ballroom dancing, including historical analyses.

She coaches students of any age, and is also available to choreograph in any style, for competitions or shows, judging, and consultation for hair, makeup, and costume design.

Please note that lesson times available with this instructor are very limited, and therefore are charged at a higher rate than with other studio instructors. Please add $10 onto the advertised price of each lesson ($5 for youth and children).

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