Price and Policy Updates - 2017

Effective April 1st

Class Changes:

Level 2 Club Dance will now be held on Thursdays at 7:15

Latin and Standard Styling will be converted into Level 4 classes with a heavy emphasis on advanced step patterns and technique. To be held on Thursdays, 8:00 (for L4 Latin) and 8:45 (for L4 Standard)

10-Class Package: $100
*class packages are per person only, and cannot be shared or split between customers*

Unlimited Classes and Parties: $165
*the Unlimited Special is per person only, and will include classes in two consecutive levels; student must choose at the time of purchase which two levels to be included; one unlimited special per person*

Youth Program Tuition: $100/month
Sibling discount: $75/month

Teddy Bear Tuition: $75/month
Sibling Discount: $60/month

Introductory Special: $75
*per person only; each student is allowed one; the introductory special cannot be split between two customers*

Wedding Introductory Special: $75
*per couple only; each couple is allowed one*