Featured Student 03.2017

Abigail Young

Today we are going to take a moment to recognize one of outstanding Newcomer levels students, Abigail Young. She is 14 years old and is a member of our outstanding Youth Program, currently dancing in Atanas's Newcomer class. We wanted to take a moment to get to know her better, so our own Maria Bakhmetyeva sat down with Abby to ask her a few questions.

     1)      Why did you first start dancing?

             “Well, I’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars since I could remember, and I remember thinking, ‘I want to do that when I’m older!’”

     2)      Why do you love to dance?

                  “It’s something fun that I have always enjoyed doing, and it just takes me away from    all the drama in the school world into the dance world. That’s something I really enjoy and love.”

     3)      What is your favorite dance and why?

                   “I’ve always loved the samba. It was the most fun to learn!  I remember watching the older, Bronze kids do it, and I thought, ‘That’s something I want to do!’”

Abby's teacher, Atanas, describes Abby as a very dedicated student, eager to learn and grow in her dancing abilities. She always has a lot of fun to teach and she picks up new material fast!

              Congratulations, Abby! Aria Ballroom's team of teachers are very proud of you and are looking forward to seeing you grow and prosper into a beautiful dancer, hopefully someday earning a coveted spot on Aria Ballroom's prestigious Team Aria!