Private Lessons

Private lessons are one on one sessions with our professional dance instructors. The lessons are tailored to you, addressing your specific needs/goals in your dance education. Whether you are focusing on social or competitive dancing, private lessons are the most effective way to improve. Private lessons are available for singles and couples of all ages, for up to 4 people at no additional charge. Each lesson is 45 minutes in length.

Aria Ballroom offers private lessons in a variety of dance styles. All of our instructors are qualified and well trained in each style. Contact us to discuss your goals, and how we can help you get there.

You can also request a lesson online with the instructor of your choice, or contact the studio directly to schedule.

Private Lesson Fees
Master Private Lesson Fees
  • $80 per lesson 
  • $700 for a set of 10 lessons ($70 per lesson)
  • $60 per lesson for students currently enrolled in our Youth or Children's Program
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